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scope data 1V sweep old antennafront end with antenna

I am extremely impressed by the performance of the radar unit.
I was so impressed that I even called the head of the centre to come and look at the results of some of the tests that I had done, because I don’t think I have ever worked with a millimetre wave radar unit that produced such clean output spectra.
I have included a couple of pictures showing the radar being tested.
The “scope data 1V sweep old antenna j” shows the ramp signal (AC coupled) in yellow, the IF in blue and the spectrum in red. Note that two strong well separated peaks are visible at a beat frequency of 68 and 74kHz
These returns are from the two corner reflectors shown in “test reflector pair j” which are spaced about 1.2m apart.

Well done guys. I think you can be proud of your hardware.

Graham Brooker
Senior Reseach Associate
Australian Centre for Field Robotics
Rose Street Building (J04)
University of Sydney, NSW, 2006, Australia


Thank you for the ELVA newsletter… I keep running into your equipment at labs all over the world, so I guess business must be going well. Thanks for the excellent service and quality products.

Dr. John Lohr
Principal Scientist
Manager, DIII-D ECH Operations
DIII-D National Fusion Facility
General Atomics

...received the BWO Controller, and is happy with its appearance and is very pleased with the support received from Gilland and ELVA-1. Many thanks to you and Philip (and the rest of the staff) for your support on this project.

Dr. Erich Grossman
Project Leader - Terahertz Technology
National Institute of Standards and Technology

I was quite pleased with ELVA-1’s 115 GHz cavity-stabilized oscillator, the CIDO-8.  It delivered more power than we had expected (>10-15 mW), and was an excellent price value.  I was particularly pleased with the manner in which John Stover at Gilland Electronics managed the import process.

Dr. Price Kagey
Chief Technology Officer
Sygenex, Inc
Alexandria, VA 22314

Your visit to our laboratory was important. We are operating the machine in various regimes and everything seems to me working very well.

Read more about custom-built 52-85GHz Heterodyne Sweeping ECE Radiometer for Physics Lab of Instituto de Fisica da USP (San Paulo, Brazil).

Prof. Dr.Ruy Pepe da Silva
Plasma Physics Laboratory
Applied Physics Department
Institute of Physics
University of São Paulo


Imaging Radar Sensor in AVTIS project based on ELVA-1 components

“We are extremely happy with the products and service which we have received from ELVA-1.  When we had a component failure en route to the volcano in the Caribbean, ELVA-1 pulled out all the stops to send us a replacement, enabling us to conclude a successful field trip.  In 2005 we will be undertaking further field campaigns to gather more data using AVTIS”

Dr Duncan Robertson,
Millimetre Wave and High-Field ESR Group
University of St Andrews, Scotland