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LAN Bridge

PPC-100 Fast Ethernet 100Mbps Wireless LAN Bridge


 Point-to-point 100Mbit wireless mm-wave link

-100 mm-wave radio with mounting mechanics PPC-100 wireless radios at ELVA test lab

PPC-100 LAN Bridge series are wireless building-to-building links that provide mm-wave radio performance for wireless Ethernet LAN-to-LAN connectivity. The links are available at the following mm-wave bands: 40.5 - 43.5 GHz, 57.0 - 65.0 GHz, 71-76 GHz and 81-86 GHz, and 92-95 GHz.

Application of Point-to-point PPC-100 Links

  • Wireless full duplex connection link for remote LAN segments at corporate and university campuses
  • Wireless backhaul for GSM mobile and WiFi base station interconnectivity
  • ISP-to-client Internet Last Mile solution. For ISPs, the link usually used to bring Internet backbone channel fron central location to a new point-of-access
  • FSO (atmospheric laser) and fiber channel back-up
  • Multipurpose Fixed Wireless Fast Ethernet communications for any field use

From LAN administrator view, the PPC-100 link is a transparent, ISO/OSI physical layer, wireless bridge that can connect two or more Ethernet LANs.

Unlike its software-based competitors, PPC-100 bridge is really fully transparent, software-free unit, and other LAN devices as host computers, routers, and so on cannot detect its presence. In other words, PPC-100 radio works much more like ISO/OSI physical layer repeater than a traditional MAC Layer Bridge.

The PPC-100 link may pass all Ethernet like protocols including IP, IPX, AppleTalk, etc. True symmetric full duplex throughput is at standard Ethernet 100 Mbps at each direction. For customers from USA/Canada and a number of countries where 60GHz band  is a FCC license free band we advise to pay a special attention to stations with VXX index that are built especially for 60GHz band. This allows you to benefit from PPC-10/100 functionality but have no hassle with bandwidth licensing. A custom band up to 140GHz could also be considered.

100Mbps Ethernet wireless link

Additional information in PDF format:

  1. Booklet on PPC-100 wireless links  (PDF 720K)
  2. How to order PPC-100 links - see PPC-100 Product Matrix page