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PPC 1E1/2048 Radio System Delivers Wireless E1/T1 Connectivity


ELVA's new PPC 1E1/2048 Radio System, operating at frequency band of 42 GHz, provides a cost-effective and immediate solution to Last Mile voice and data transmission requirements of communication service providers. With theoretical range limit of 80km, the radio link provides reliable E1 connectivity on distances up to 20 km even at bad weather conditions. This new radio allows telecom operators - who hold licenses for 42GHz, - build their networks based not only on 10/100Mbit wireless Ethernet links of PPC 10/100 stations, but also use E1 links.

Based on existing PCC 10/100 product family, new PPC 1E1/2048 consists of an Outdoor Unit (ODU) with a dish, and an Indoor Unit (IDU). The new PPC 1E1/2048 is a software-free, turnkey product. The PPC 1E1/2048 is ready to work just after the initial installation and switching the power on. The PPC 1E1/2048 system interface cable is ended with standard coaxial or pin connector to be inserted directly to remote userís telephone system E1 socket or to providerís exchange node board with E1 connectors. For US/Canada market ELVA also offers a similar PPC model of T1 (1.544 Mbps) radio.

To comply with the strict E1 line requirements for error rate, we made special improvements to standard PPC 10/100 station when adapting it for E1 line. In particular, a new noise-proof Power Supply unit was developed for PPC 1E1/2048 radios. During the final tests, we registered Bit Error Rate (BER) not more than 10E-9 at the output E1 connector.

The original version of PPC 1E1/2048 was developed for our principal Russian customer, MTU-Inform telecom operator (see This company is Moscow leading telecommunication operator since 1995, and holds 42GHz license for all greater Moscow area. MTU-Inform also has licenses for local, long-distance and inter-zonal telephone communication, data transmission and telematic services as well as cable and cellular television.

Figure. A map of Moscow city with MTU-Inform SDH network layout

MTU-Inform launched a powerful SDH (Synchronous Digital Hierarchy) fiber optic network with equipment from ECI Telecom. The SDH high-capacity network is one of Europeís best city transport networks. It covers the entire territory of Moscow, so the distance between a node and any potential user never exceeds 3 kilometers. Based on the information of the customer, their field engineering each year reported dozens cases, when there was no technical capability to bring fiber-optic or copper lines to new customers. ELVAís PPC 1E1/2048 Radio System will be used to provide E1 links to those business customers within Moscow area, who cannot be connected otherwise than wireless because of very complicated urban conditions of Moscow.

PPC 1E1/2048 general Specs

Frequency band of operation 40.5 - 42.5 GHz
Transceiver output power 50 mW
Antenna gain 38dBi
Antenna size 30 cm
Bit Error Rate (BER) 10E-9
Data transfer interface E1 (G.703)
E1 coding HDB3
Range limit 20km
Overall dimensions 33 x 46 x 35cm
Overall weight 12kg

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