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YIG tuned Oscillators EYO series

Attention to customers - This product is discontinued from June 2005

  • Available frequency range 0,8-18 GHz
  • Multi-octave tuning
  • Frequency stability
  • Low phase noise
  • Fast tuning
  • N- Outputs


  • LO for sweeping receivers and spectrum analysers
  • Signal sources for sweep generators


ELVA-1 YIG tuned oscillators offer excellent tuning linearity, good frequency stability,very low phase noise and phase lock / modulation capability. YIG oscillators can tune over operating frequencies of more YTO`s can incorporate additions functions such as Filters, Buffer Amplifiers, Isolators and different active elements. YTO`s supply with Analog and Digital drivers.

Common Specification

Specification for EYO-4-8 serial Nr.3 and EYO-4-8 serial Nr.4 units

Data measurements for EYO-4-8 serial Nr.3

Data of measurements for EYO-4-8 serial Nr.4