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Wideband Active Frequency Multiplier


  • Millimeter wave frequency synthesizers
  • Power sources
  • Electronic tuned power sources
  • Spectroscopy/Radiometry
  • Digital Radio


  • Superb efficiency
  • High output power
  • Low spurious harmonic content
  • Small size of the module

Wideband frequency multiplier for 26.5GHz  140GHz


The Wideband Active Frequency Multiplier is a new product at our Components section and available since July 2003.

 The multiplier has the following principal features:

  Input Frequency 12.85 - 14.28 GHz
  Input Power 10 mW
  Output Frequency 90 - 170 GHz
  Output Power 5 -30 mW
  Multiplication factor 7, 12
  Consumed power 8 W
  Input connector SNA 50 Ohm
  Output connector Waveguide flange 18x18

The Block diagram and 'Input Power vs. Output Frequency' diagram can be seen below.

Block diagram of wideband frequency multiplier

Power vs frequency diagram for wideband frequency multiplier

The multiplier has stabilized voltage in +12V circuit and stabilized current in +24V circuit. More specs available for request to

At the date of publication (July 2003) the Wideband Active Frequency Multiplier is under patent pending protection.