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Image Rejection Mixer of IRM-xx series


Image Rejection Mixer of IMR-xx series

The Image Rejection Mixer of IRM-xx series is designed for 9GHz to 43GHz frequency bands.

The general function of Image Rejection Mixer (IRM) is a receiver's front end mixer/filter, which must greatly attenuate the image frequency. The IRM differs from more common balanced mixer by its capability of suppressing of signals and noises coming from an image channel. The inputs of IRM are LO (local oscillator) and RF frequencies, and the output is the difference between the LO and RF frequencies. According to the positional relationship between LO and RF on frequency band, the IRM could have LO>RF and LO<RF modifications.

ELVA's Image Rejection Mixer of IRM-xx series is a highly sensitive, low noise unit with Noise Figure at single side band of 7dB. The image rejection ratio of our IMR is 15dB min. The IMR is based on Schottky diode design and has built-in amplifier which also helps to fight with a noise. The control pins of IMR are +15V, ground pin, and Automatic Gain Control (AGC) pin (see in photo at the top of IMR unit).

IMR-36 Image Rejection Mixer for Ka-band Specs:



RF Frequency Range: 35,75- 36,75 GHz
LO Power: 15 mW (min)
VSWR All Ports: 1.5:1
Input Power (Max.): +20 dBm
IF Output: 60 MHz (+/-5 MHz at -3 dB level)
RF to IF Gain: 20 dB (typical)
Gain Flatness: +/-1 dB
Noise Figure, SSB:. 7 dB (max)
Image rejection @ RF power < -20 dBm:

15 dB (min)

AGC Function: total RF to IF gain 20 dB (min) @ 0V AGC
0 dB @ -2Volts AGC
LO to RF isolation: 25 dB (typ)
Harmonics level @ 1 dB comp. point
120 MHz
180 MHz
 -25dB (max) rel. 60MHz
 -30dB (max) rel. 60MHz
DC Power: +15V
LO/RF WG/flange: WR 28, UG  599/U
IF connector: SMA female
Output Power for 1dB gain compression: +0 dBm (min)


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We can ship IMRs of either  LO>RF and LO<RF modifications.