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Sub-mm BWO Tubes 180-1100 GHz OB series

Photo of BWO tube. Sub-mm BWO Tubes 180-1100 GHz OB-series from ELVA-1

  • BWO tubes for 180-1100 GHz in 7 bands
  • Full waveguide operation
  • High output power, 50 mW on 260 GHz typical

BWO Tubes Applications

  • Broadband BWO sweepers
  • Precision controllable and lower noise LO's
  • Powerful submillimeter wave sources
  • Spectrometry, plasma diagnostics, test and measurement equipment


ELVA-1 OB-XX series BWO tubes are very broadband and powerful millimeter submillimeter sources cover 180-1100 GHz frequency band. Unique technology applied for producing of sub-mm BWO tubes allows to obtain oscillations within a full waveguide frequency band. Operation frequency depends on high voltage applied on a deceleration system of the BWO tube - the anode voltage. The construction of the BWO tube allows to sweep the frequency very fast. Few microsecond full band sweep is achieved in our laboratory. It is possible also to adjust the frequency changing the magnetic field. We supply each sub-mm BWO tube with a personal calibration for output power versus frequency and frequency versus high voltage dependencies. The dependence of frequency versus magnetic field is available upon request.


Specs of Sub-mm BWO Tubes 180-1100 GHz OB series

* Minimal output power can be different for various tubes of the same model.

** The magnetic field should be provided in the following minimal volume: d30 mm, L= 32 mm;
Tube d30 mm; Weight 0.3 kg. Water cooling.

Typical dependencies of power versus frequency and frequency versus high voltage applied to deceleration system are shown on the plots below for OB-24 model:

Sub-mm BWO Tubes - Typical dependencies of power versus frequency

Sub-mm BWO Tubes - electric diagram

Uanode is as one mentioned in the table, Uheating=6 ... 7 VAC, Heating Current 1-1.5 A typ, 2A max. Output waveguide is oversized for all tubes. We also propose permanent magnets for the tubes and appropriated power suppliers. Details of specifications see in data sheet for sweepers SMW series.