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Voltage Controlled Oscillators of VCOM-X/CF/BW/P series

          VCO - High Power Voltage Controlled Oscillator from ELVA-1 ltd

Voltage controlled oscillator of VCOM-X/CF/BW/P series was originally designed for purposes of EPR spectroscopy and plasma diagnostics. Now this VCO is included to ELVA-1 Product Catalog as state-of-the-art test and measurement equipment for various applications.

VCO Features

  • High output power
  • Electrical Frequency control
  • High power and frequency stability
  • Control of Output power level
  • Stable spectrum
  • Long life time

VCO Applications

  • Mm-wave source of high power
  • EPR spectrometer bridge
  • Plasma diagnostics
  • FMCW radar module
  • Instruments and test equipment

This VCO provides electromagnetic energy within some range around of central frequency with high output power. Original design uses low frequency stable voltage controlled oscillator and frequency multiplier. To increase output power an IMPATT mm-wave power amplifier can be used. Max value of output power level depends on frequency range requested. It can be 200 mW at 94 GHz and 100 mW at 140 GHz.

Output power and frequency are controlled by means of external DC or pulse voltages.

The VCOM-X/CF/BW/P oscillator can be supplied with power supply which fed only 220 VAC. The oscillator can have an option for remote control.

Reliable work of VCOM-X/CF/BW/P oscillators allows to use it in scientific experiments which last for long time, for example, few weeks or even few months.

There are three basic models of the VCOM-X/CF/BW/P oscillators in ELVA-1 product line. Custom designed VCOM models can be produced by a special order.






Central frequency 94 GHz 140 GHz 170 GHz
Bandwidth 500 MHz 2 GHz 2 GHz
Frequency Range (controlled) 93.75-94.25 GHz 139-141 GHz 169-171 GHz
Output power (controlled) 0- 200 mW 0- 100 mW 0-10 mW
Spectrum line width 100 kHz max 100 kHz max 100 kHz max
Control attenuation 0…55 dB 0…50 dB 0…45 dB
Flange/ Waveguide UG-387/U-M /WR-10 UG-387/U-M /WR-06 UG-387/U-M /WR-06

Block-schemas of ELVA-1 VCOs

Wideband VCO:

Wideband VCO Block Diagram

High-Power VCO:

High Power VCO Block Diagram

Typical measured data for W-band and D-band VCO oscillators:

W-band VCO curve diagram

Fig.1. W-band VCO curve - Power versus Frequency

D-band VCO curve diagram

Fig.2. D-band VCO curve - Power versus Frequency

How to Order :

Specify Model Number VCOM— X/CF/BW/P, where

X - waveguide band (WR-Number)

CF - Central frequency (in GHz)

BW – bandwidth (in GHz)

P - output power (typ) (mW)

Standard flange is UG-XXX/U round

E.g. VCOM-10/94/0.5/200 ( W-band oscillator, WR-10, Central frequency 94GHz, Bandwidth 0.5 GHz, Output power 200 mW (typical)

Delivery time 8-12 weeks depending on required specifications. All ELVA-1 VCOM series oscillators are warranted by the manufacturer for one year after delivery.