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MMW Power Modulated Sources of SPM series

  • 26.5-150 GHz operation frequency

  • High output power IMPATT diode source

  • High frequency stability

  • Fine spectrum

  • Built-in generator for the sinusoidal output power modulation

  • External control of output power


  • Instrumentation subsystems
  • Laboratory test equipment
  • General purpose source
  • MMW channels testing
  • MMW receivers testing
  • Lock-in detection systems


ELVA-1 series SPM provide the whole range frequency sources with internal and external controllable amplitude modulation. The standard model uses Cavity Stabilized IMPATT Diode Generators CIDO series as MMW signal source, and Voltage-Controlled Variable Attenuators VCVA series as an output power modulator. Voltage Controlled sweepers are available optionally on the base of Active Frequency Multipliers with 6-8 GHz pumping VCO or Voltage Controlled IMPATT Oscillator VCIO. Each model has built-in controllable signal generator for the output power modulation and a plug for an external modulation signal. We supply each device with a personal calibration characteristic for output power versus external control voltage. Typical dependence is shown in Fig. 1.

Fig. 1.

SPM devices can be produced with integrated power supplies. The block-diagram of the typical SPM device one can see on the Fig. 2.

Fig. 2.

Using an external Modulation Input one can control the output power by means of different power supplies, voltage generators and digital-analog converters (DAC). DAC card for standard PC microcomputer with software is available optionally. External modulation up to 20 kHz rate may be applied to switch the attenuator between its high and low insertion loss states, or optionally to vary the attenuation with the external voltage applied. The device contains all the electronic circuitry and power supplies required to bias the attenuator. Built-in Generator can be produced according customer specification. Typical version provides sinusoidal modulation of output power with 10 dB depth and modulation frequencies 0.02-12.5 kHz with a correction of nonlinear characteristic of attenuation/voltage dependence. Depth and frequency of modulation are controlled manually from the front panel of the device.

Electrical Specifications

*Values are presented for the middle frequency of the frequency band.

Size: 150x180x70 mm

AC Input Voltages: 110 V, 60Hz; 220 V, 50 Hz

Input Voltage for Variable Attenuation: 0 to +10 V

Switching Voltage for External Modulation: 0 to +5 V

How to Order:

Specify Model Number SPM-xxA-B-C-D

XX- waveguide band (WR-Number)

A - flange type : R = round or S = square (WR-28 only)

B - operating frequency in GHz

             C - output power in mW

D - AC voltage power supply options

0= no power supply 1 = 110 VAC/60Hz ,or 2 = 220 VAC/50Hz, or 3 = 100VAC/50Hz power supplies

Example:  To order oscillator meets the following specification: waveguide WR-10, round flange, operation frequency 94 GHz, output power 20mW,  input AC voltage 110ACV, should be ordered as SPM-10R-94-20-1