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Ku-band Digitally Controlled MER-VCO Synthesizer series

This new MER-VCO series Synthesizer belongs to a class of "real" digitally controlled synthesizers. The MER-VCO series Synthesizer has TTL-logic 13bit frequency control word that allows 100KHz step size for output frequency. Frequency control is via RS-232 port. The synthesizer unit is of compact modular construction and could be installed as external component within a case of other instrumentation equipment.

With Ku-band as standard band, ELVA-1 can build MER-VCO series Synthesizer for any custom frequency from 4GHz to 26GHz. Customers who need upper frequencies can be provided with ELVA's IMPATT Active Frequency Multipliers (see ) to deliver frequencies from 26GHz to 150GHz. Please also see webpage of ELVA's GPIB Controlled Frequency Synthesizer ( as an example of frequency multiplication design using IMPATT Active Frequency Multiplier.

To measure of the phase noise of the synthesizer, we used the following Block-scheme, where Synthesizer No.2 is tested unit.

The resulting spectrum at the oscillogram can be characterized as noise-clean one with a high spectral purity.

MER-VCO series Synthesizer Specification for 15GHz Ku-Band model

1. Output frequency range: 14700MHz to 15410MHz
2. Output frequency step size: 100kHz
3. Power output for 14.7-15.41GHz: +15dBm
4. Power variation: +/-1dB over temp / +/-1dB over freq
5. Load VSWR 1.3:1
6. Spurious output: -70dBc in band / -60 dBc out of band
7. Frequency control word 13 bits pattern (TTL), LSB: 100kHz
8. External reference: 10MHz, 0dBm +/- 3dBm
9. Switching time: 3 ms
10. Phase noise: -60dBc/Hz @ 100Hz no vibration
       -80dBc/Hz @ 1kHz no vibration
       -90dBc/Hz @ 10 kHz
       -100dBc/Hz @ 100 kHz
       -110dBc/Hz @ 1MHz
11. Harmonics: -30dBc
12. Power supply: +/-15VDC, +5VDC
13. Output connector: Ku Band Waveguide (WR-62)