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Frequency Synthesizer (GPIB Controlled)
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  • 4 GHz Bandwidth
  • Smooth power/frequency dependence
  • High Frequency Stability
  • Low phase noise
  • High output power
  • Fully packaged
  • Designed for GPIB (HP-IB) Systems
  • Easy operation from front panel


  • High stability L.O. for receivers
  • Laboratory measurement and test equipment
  • Reference signal source
  • GPIB (HP-IB) subsystem


Elva-1 Microwave synthesizer PLS-1b (GPIB) is intended to be used as a phase lockable signal source in the millimeter range of wavelengths. It is built on the base of cm-wave synthesizer using unique technology of IMPATT diode. Active Frequency Multiplier (Elva-1 IAFM series) combining such features as:

  • High multiplication factor
  • Low insertion phase noise 20*log(M), M- multiplication factor

Additional IMPATT Injection Locked Power Amplifier provides more then 70 mw output power.That allows to produce cost effective powerful phase lockable source in millimeter range of wavelengths.PLS-1b (GPIB) is IEEE 488.2/GPIH/HP-IB compatible device that can be easily integrated in HP-IB subsystems. Additional External reference input can be used to get frequency stability better then 10-6 per one degree C. Each Synthesizer is individually calibrated for output power versus frequency. The resulting data (supplied with the unit) are illustrated in the plot below:

These generators are completely self-contained, including all control and power supply systems required to drive the device. It can be produced for 220V/50Hz AC, or for 110V/60Hz AC primary power.

Electrical Specifications

*Can be changed optionally

Common Specification

How to Order:

Specify Model Number PLS-1x-A, where

x - digital interface

a - RS232

b - GPIB

c- Parallel digital interface

A - AC input voltage.

Example:  To order Synthesizer meets the following specification: operation with input AC voltage 110ACV and controlled via RS232, should be ordered as PLS-1a-110