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Mm-Wave Scalar Network Analyzer of DSNA-xx series

          Mm-Wave Scalar Network Analyzer of DSNA-xx series

The Scalar Network Analyzers of DSNA-family was designed to bring to the world market a new generation of low-cost mm-wave network analyzer equipment that provide a very high dynamic range. The fact is there were not such acceptable instruments in the world market. The Scalar Network Analyzer devices that exist on the market have two main disadvantages: a high cost or a low dynamic range of measured values.

The DSNA (Diode Scalar Network Analyzer) is based on two products being produced by ELVA-1: G4-143x series of BWO generators and DPM-xx series of Power Meters. A modification of G4-143x BWO generators is utilized as mm-wave sweep source with wide operating frequency band and high output power. Design of standard DPM-xx power meter and especially of power sensor allows to get high dynamic range of measured values coupled with small time of mm-power measurement.

The DSNA Scalar Network Analyzer uses a standard PC with ELVA-1ís software for mm-wave sweep source control and acquisition of measured data. RS-232 or GPIB interface can be used to process that. Plots of obtained or calculated values are displayed in PC monitor. As the data are stored in PC any math option are available with the data using standard PC applications or special programs. The Scalar Network Analyzer have all modern features: easy-to-use operating, compact unit case and precise and reliable measurement. To test output power of mm-wave sweep source an option for absolute power level measurement is included. Step of sweep oscillator frequency depends on operating frequency band and approximately is 10 MHz.

The DSNA network analyzers have 3 standard models: DSNA-15, DSNA-10 and DSNA-06 that all together cover 50-170 GHz frequency band. Other band scalar network analyzers can be produced upon request. An example of custom-designed Upper frequency band available now is 140-220GHz.

Typical PC screen of DSNA-xx scalar network analyzer is shown in picture below (see Fig.1).
The 134Ghz High pass filter was tested. Insertion losses (yellow points) and reflected power (white points) are presented, where:
X-scale: frequency, GHz,
Y-scale: passed through/reflected power level, dB

 The screen shot of Scalar Network Analyzer Panorama software

Fig.1. The screen shot of Scalar Network Analyzer Panorama software


Frequency Band and Range, GHz V






Input waveguide WR15 WR10 WR6
Wavequide Flange/connector UG-385/U UG-387/U-M UG-387/U-M
Dynamic range, dB (typ) 60 60 55
Min frequency step, MHz 6 9 15
Output power of sweep source, mW (typ) 50-70 40-60 35-55
Full band sweep time, sec (max) 5 5 5
PC interface RS-232 RS-232 RS-232

Block-schema of DSNA-xx Scalar Network Analyzer

List of mm-wave units assembling the DSNA-xx:

  1. BWO wideband sweep oscillator with built-in computer for control function
  2. High sensitive power sensors- 3 pcs.
  3. Broadband isolator.
  4. Directional couplers- 2 pcs.

Fig.2. DSNA Scalar Network Analyzer block diagram. All devices are ELVA's-made.

DSNA-xx Scalar Network Analyzer features:

  1. BWO powerful oscillator is used as reference sweep source. Output power up to 80 mW. Frequency step is about 10 MHz.
  2. Full band sweep time is 0.01-10 seconds depending on accuracy of measurements.
  3. High sensitive power sensors provide up to 60 dB dynamic range of measured values.
  4. Built-in ADC of the sweep oscillator is used. The monitor and standard PC are required.
  5. The DSNA-xx is connected with standard personal computers using RS-232 serial port.
  6. GPIB interface of DSNA-xx control can be provided as an additional option.
  7. Measured data/diagrams are indicated in PC display.
  8. The data are stored in PC as text or Excel files.
  9. The software application is supplied with DSNA-xx unit. The software can be used under Windows 98 operational system and higher.

Note to ELVA customers, who already owned G4-143x BWO Ocsillator: You can order DSNA Scalar Network Analyzer as Add-in Kit to your BWO Oscillator. The DSNA-xx Add-in Kit allows you to measure insertion loss, gain, return loss, SWR, and power quickly and accurately. With our high-performance ZBD detectors and directional couplers, and a PC, this analyzer add-in kit becomes the basis of a complete measurement system with superb performance.

How to Order :

Specify Model Number DSNA-xx,
where XX- waveguide band (WR-Number)

E.g. DSNA-10 ( W-band scalar network analyzer, WR-10, 75-110GHz)

Any additional math options of DSNA-xx network analyzer, that are not included to the standard model can be additionally discussed.

To cover wider frequency range, this  mm-wave sweep generator can be supplied with a few changeable BWO tubes and power sensor add-in kits for different frequency bands.

For more specs, prices and ordering please email: