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Industrial mm-Wave
ULM-11/ULM-31 Level Measurement System


ULM-11 unit is a microwave transmitter designed for continuos non-contact measurement of liquids, pastes and bulk solids. The unit operates in the 94 GHz frequency band that is unique for its market competitors. This frequency guaranties high-precision measurement that allows to use ULM-11 unit at a wide range of industrial and supply enterprises, including large-scale oil refineries, chemicals plants, commercial registration systems of petrol supply and so on. Because measuring through a window made of special material the ULM-11 unit measures level under extreme conditions, e.g. inside tanks with toxic and aggressive media.

...ULM-11 unit is a commercial product manufactured at a production batch count. It runs on a number of large oil refineries at Rosneft, Transneft and other national oil producing companies sites.

Features and Benefits

  • Based on an unique patented microwave technology the ULM-11 unit works in 94 GHz frequency band
  • Ultra-narrow 4 microwave beam allows achieving an unprecedented accuracy in the measurement and prevents from multiple ...echoes from internal objects of tanks (like fittings, filling curtains, mounting pipes).
  • Max.range: 30 m Explosion protection: 1 Exd II BT6
  • Direct measurement with calibration charts according to tank drawing
  • Smart communication system based on MODBUS integrates 1... 256 units to the control PC workstation
  • Special non-Ex version ULM-31 for inexpensive use at water intake facilities and other non-explosion areas
  • 20 years life time guarantied by manufacturer

Measurement control and features

When installed as complete system on an enterprise, the system includes a number of ULM-11 (or ULM-31) units connected to PC through RS-485/RS-232 interface using MODBUS protocol. Each unit has its own address on a bus.
Max UTP-cable length between a unit and control PC should not exceeded a distance of 2400 m. Software application running on control PC provides a lot of measuring parameters listed below that could be additionally broaden and tailored
by a system implementation vendor company:

  • Continuos non-contact measurement of absolute level of liquids, pastes and bulk solids
  • Media volume calculating
  • Calibration charts using accordingly to tank drawing
  • Precise tank loading/unloading process control
  • Software logging of daily/weekly media loading/unloading at tank farm
  • Media leakage control at tank farm
  • Continuos unit hardware fault monitoring with faulty module locating and event logging
  • Alarm signaling of a faulty module presence


ULM-11 unit is designed inside a conic case with overall dimensions:

  • Height: 265 mm
  • Max diameter: 162 mm



Russian State Standards Committee Certificate 16861-97
Explosion protection: Russian IGD 97.C74 Certificate (1 Exd II BT6)