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Industrial mm-Wave
80-100 GHz Pulse Noise Radar Front-End

High power pulse noise source PNS series is used for illumination of target. Noise nature of probing signal avoids the problem of interference. Image obtained by means of noise radar allows to recognize target better then the image obtained by means of coherent radar.

The entire transmitter/receiver consists of the following elements:

  1. Powerful pulse noise source.
  2. Band pass filter (5 GHz typical).
  3. Circulator of transmitting/receiving.
  4. Switch for the receiver protection.
  5. Balance mixer;
  6. CW cavity stabilized IMPATT local oscillator.
  7. IF amplifier.
  8. Power supply and triggering electronics.



The values of parameters within the noted frequency ranges may be defined more exactly at the customer's options.


How to Order:

Specify Model Number PNRFE-xx-A

XX- center frequency

A - AC voltage power supply options

0= no power supply
1 = 110 VAC/60Hz
2 = 220 VAC/50Hz
3 = 100VAC/50Hz power supplies

Example:  To order radar that meets the following specification: operation frequency 94 +/-2.5 GHz,  input AC voltage 110ACV, should be ordered as PNRFE-94-1