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Sweeping Heterodyne Radiometer 52-85 GHz

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This is 52-85GHz Heterodyne Sweeping ECE Radiometer for plasma temperature measurements on TCV BR Tokamak (Brazil). This project took a half year for completion, from developing stage to ready-to-ship unit. The principal distinctive features of 52-85GHz Radiometer are highly sensitive receiver and wideband BWO sweep generator, plus low cost of the equipment.

The plasma temperature measurement theory is based on a fact that the intensity of the ECE (Electron Cyclotron Emission) is proportional to the electron plasma temperature in situations when the plasma may be considered as the black body for its own cyclotron radiation. So the magnetized plasma electrons emit electromagnetic energy at electron cyclotron frequencies with intensity proportional to the plasma temperature. As there is toroidal magnetic field gradient in the tokamak plasma, electrons at different points along the major radius of the torus radiate at different frequencies. So the radial electron temperature distribution can be measured by scanning the frequency, received by the radiometer.

The shipment set for 52-85GHz Radiometer includes along with oversized waveguides and accessories a special antenna with spherical dielectric lens. This antenna was specially designed by ELVA-1 for making precise plasma temperature measurement through TCV BR Tokamak vacuum window.


Fig.2. 52-85GHz Radiometer antenna