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32-channel Radiometer for Plasma Electron Temperature Measurements 113-153 GHz

  • Real-time mm-wave spectrum measurements
  • 32 frequency channels simultaneously operating
  • Covering of 113-153 GHz frequency band
  • High sensitive receiving of mm-wave power


The multichannel 113-153 GHz Radiometer was designed for plasma electron temperature measurements in FTU tokamak (Frascati, Italy). The fact is taken as a basis of the device that the intensity of the ECE 2nd harmonic is proportional to the electron plasma temperature in situations when the plasma can be considered as the black body for its own cyclotron radiation. The Radiometer is a superheterodyne receiver that picks up the plasma EC emission and produces 0-+10V analogue output signal proportional to the plasma emission power. The measurements are performed simultaneously in 32 frequency channels (i.e. radial points in the plasma) covering 113-153 GHz band that corresponds to magnetic field range from 2 to 2.7 T. Output signals are delivered in a form available to be stored in tokamak data acquisition system.


.. Input frequency band, GHz
113 to 153
.. Output Video amplifier frequency band, MHz
0.01Hz to 1
.. Number of output frequency channels
.. Detection limit of individual channels, W
..Bandpass widths in individual channels, GHz
..Maximum output voltage , V 10
..Input waveguide
..Input waveguide flange
..Output connectors BNC
..Power supply:
..Voltage, V
..Frequency, Hz
Ambient conditions:
air temperature, C
10 to 40
air humidity (%)
up to 95