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Power Supply Modules for Clinotron Tubes

Clinotron tubes Power Supply, designed by ELVA-1

Custom-designed Power Supply Modules PSM-300/5 is intended for feeding Clinotron tubes on frequency of 60GHz +/- 2.5GHz. The device delivers stabilized accelerating negative voltage within range from -1 kV down to -4.5 kV and stabilized current for the cathode heating up to 6A DC. Power supply consists of two units: the control unit and the power unit. Accordingly, there are two outputs in PSM, the high voltage output being adjustable under both manual or remote control modes. Gradual increasing the cathode heater current up to its operating value when switching the Clinotron tube on and gradual decreasing when switching off are carried out automatically. An embedded microcomputer facilitates the PSM control. The device protects both the powered Clinotron tube and itself against overloading.

PSM-300/5 design features:

  • high output power for 60GHz - up to 20W
  • wide range of frequency tuning +/- 2.5GHz from 60GHz
  • built-in computer controls HV, Current and Overload Protection Unit