ELVA-1 Millimeter Wave Division Newsletter 02/2004


1. First 40.5-43.5GHz link in Latvia - ELVA's mm-wave wireless bridge deployed between Riga and Salaspils city
2. News from ELVA-1 R&D: 94GHz radar distance sensor accuracy improved to 1mm  on 100m distance

First 40.5-43.5GHz link in Latvia - ELVA-1's wireless bridge deployed between Riga and Salaspils city

ELVA 40GHz Fast Ethernet LAN bridge in Salaspils, LatviaELVA-1 signed a contract with Signest, young and ambitious Latvian ISP to supply 40GHz-band Fast Ethernet radios (mm-wave wireless LAN bridges) for Signest wireless backhaul. The first mm-wave link equipped with 60cm Cassegrain antenna is already deployed on TV tower in Riga, Latvian capital and putted to everyday operation.

As reported from Signest, the wireless link is intended to establish a high-bandwidth Internet connection channel from downtown Riga to Salaspils city, the suburb of Riga. The link works fine on 14km distance that considers as extreme long for mm-wave communications. At least another 5 locations around Riga are planned as next steps on Signest wireless backhaul development.

For legally use of 40GHz-band radios, Signest has obtained a frequency license from local Latvian Regulatory Authority that believes to be the first 40GHz license issued in Latvia for commercial usage.

More info on ELVA-1 LAN bridges: http://www.elva-1.com/pdf/100mb-LAN-bridge.pdf More info on Signest: http://www.signest.net

News from ELVA-1 R&D: 94GHz radar distance sensor accuracy improved to 1mm  on 100m distance

ELVA-1 R&D announced successful design and testing of new hardware core for 94GHz FMCW radar distance sensor. The improvements is based on replacing master VCO, voltage controlled oscillator for relevant frequency synthesizer. It results in great enhancement of radar sensor accuracy, which is now 1mm on distances of about 100m. This R&D framework was done within running project of supplying ultra-precise mm-wave distance sensor for one of blue-chip multinational companies.

For more info about this 94GHz radar distance sensor , including current qoutations please email your requests to Philip Ivanov (ivanovph@elva-1.com), ELVA-1 Project Manager.

Radar sensor webpage:

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