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155Mbit radio links for all bands over 40GHz


ELVA-1 Millimeter Wave Division Announced Availability of New 155Mbit Mm-wave Links

New 155Mbit Full-Duplex Radio Links for ETSI & FCC Mm-wave Bands Available from ELVA-1 Millimeter Wave Division

St.Petersburg, Russia.  December 11, 2004 -- ELVA-1 Millimeter Wave Division today introduced a new product line of 155Mbit point-to-point microwave radio systems designed for a wide range of applications such as mobile backhaul, business networks, FSO backup, IP networks and emergency recovery networks. The working frequencies cover all licensed and unlicensed bands available in millimeter waves over 40GHz according to FCC and ETSI standards, as well as to some national frequency allocations: 40.5-43.5 GHz, 57-64 GHz, 71-75/81-86 GHz, 92-95 GHz.

These new radios are the result of further development of PPC-100 Fast Ethernet 100Mbit full-duplex radios. The 155Mbit product line consists of a basic model PPC-100/STM-1 with STM-1 interface and the more advanced PPC-100FE/8E1 model which features 100Mbit Fast Ethernet in the main channel plus 8x additional E1 channels, all of them transmitting simultaneously with Fast Ethernet.

The primary applications for the PPC-100/STM-1 with STM-1 interface are wireless SDH / ATM rings. ELVA-1ís PPC-100/STM-1 systems provide an STM-1 optical interface, allowing these links to be a part of the optical SDH ring. Especially in urban areas where it is difficult to bring in optical fiber due to cable trenching problems, PPC-100/STM-1 links make a quick and cost-effective installation possible.

For PPC-100FE/8E1 models the primary applications are interconnection between base station sites in cellular networks (GSM / GPRS / UMTS). PPC-100FE/8E1 provides an ideal intranet-intranet and intranet-public network connection solution as wells as any LAN / WAN connection where there is a requirement to combine data and voice services in one link.

Both the PPC-100/STM-1 and PPC-100FE/8E1 links feature remote management and parameter monitoring capabilities. To communicate with the link for SNMP and parameter control, there is a separate twisted pair patch cable which can be connected to any RJ-45 socket within the LAN, deployed within the building. This allows remote SNMP management and remote parameter monitoring of a number of ELVA-1 PPC-100xxx links from a central location.

The 155 Mbps point-to-point millimeter wave radio systems are available with a choice of three different sizes of compact parabolic Cassegrain antenna - 30 cm, 45 cm, and 60 cm. Depending on the link frequency, these antennas deliver operating distances from about 1 mile to 9.5 miles (1.7 km to 15 km) during fair weather conditions. All PPC-100 links are enclosed in environmental IP65 weather-sealed cases.

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About Elva-1 Millimeter Wave Division

Founded in 1993, ELVA-1 Millimeter Wave Division is based in St.Petersburg, Russia. Since the year 2000, ELVA-1 has aggressively expanded its product range to mm-wave telecom products, such as 42GHz, 60GHz, 70/80 GHz and 94GHz transmitters and receivers, antennas with a high gain factor and other advanced products. Applications for these products include mm-wave industrial measurement systems, 100Mbps Ethernet wireless LAN bridges, MVDS out-door units (transmitters and receivers), and LMDS communication systems, radar front-ends, microwave level sensors, millimeter wave security imaging systems and other innovative areas. The companies product development roadmap includes next generation 1.25Gpbs Gigabit Ethernet radios for 71-76/81-86 GHz and 94GHz bands to be available first quarter 2005.