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CE Mark Granted for PPC-100 40.5-43.5GHz 100Mbit Mm-wave Link


CE Mark Granted for ELVA-1 PPC-100  40.5-43.5GHz 100Mbit
Mm-wave Link

First 100Mbit Full-Duplex Radio Link within the EU Harmonized Frequency Band 40,5 GHZ to 43,5 GHz for Multimedia Wireless Systems (MWS) Now Available in Europe

St.Petersburg, Russia - August 19, 2004 Elva-1 Millimeter Wave Division today announced that company has been granted the CE Mark, which represents regulatory approval for marketing the ELVA-1 PPC-100 100Mbps radio links in the European Economic Community. ELVA-1 PPC-100 radio link is the first commercially available equipment that fulfills market demand for Multimedia Wireless Systems (MWS) in the frequency band 40,5 GHz to 43,5 GHz. PPC-100 is the only symmetric radio link that enables 100Mbps data speed either in downstream and return channel.

The huge market potential of 40,5 - 43,5 GHz band is revealed in the fact that this is the only harmonized frequency band with 3GHz bandwidth within European frequency allocation table.  According to EN 301 997-1 V1.1.1 (2002-06) European Telecommunications Standard the 40 GHz band has been identified and designated within European Economic as harmonized frequency band 40,5 GHZ to 43,5 GHz for the introduction of Multimedia Wireless Systems (MWS). Multimedia Wireless Systems support information exchange of more than one type, such as text, graphics, voice, sound, image, data and video. They are also defined as terrestrial multipoint systems which have their origin in telecommunication and/or broadcasting, and which provide fixed wireless access direct to the end user for multimedia services.

While the term "Multimedia Wireless Systems" has been firstly introduced at late 90x and then officially identified within European standard in 2002, the practical deployment of MWS systems in Europe was in fact very limited in numbers and till now mostly have had a status of pilot projects. The main reason behind this installation inactivity is based on the fact that there was no adequate equipment on the market for 40,5 - 43,5 GHz band to fulfill required technical specification, especially for return channel capacity, and at the same time to be attractive for network providers by its price. Modern applications for Multimedia Wireless Systems require very high data exchange between a service provider station and a client terminal. More over, this data exchange has to be in both directions or to be duplex in other words. In particular, before ELVA-1 introduced PCC-100 radio links, the return channel was an Achilles' heel for many existed implementation of MWS in Europe.

ELVA-1 PPC-100 Series of mm-wave digital radios brings new quality to the European market of Multimedia Wireless Systems. It provides a full duplex (symmetric) Fast Ethernet 100 Mbps connectivity to a wide variety of applications for carrier-class cellular infrastructure, broadband wireless networks like MWS and MVDS. An IP-packet transparent PPC-100 100Mbps full duplex wireless bridge is easily deployed in either point-to-multipoint or point-to point topologies with modular flexibility accepting either 100 BaseTx [RJ-45] or optional 100 BaseFx Fiber Optic connector. This state-of-the-art turnkey 40,5 - 43,5GHz MMW link is intended for a variety of applications in various telecom markets, including:

Cellular and WiFi operators, ISPs to build wireless backhaul between base stations

Other Telecom Operators and Services

Government Agencies

College and University Campuses

Free Space Optics (FSO) Backup for foggy territories.

Among Ethernet-based version, the company product matrix for Multimedia Wireless Systems also includes DVB-S broadcasting system to transmit up to 432 digital TV channel and IP traffic with total throughput up to 4Gbps per sector of 90 degrees.

CE Mark granted to PPC-100 100Mbit radio for 40.5-43.5 GHz band

ELVA-1 PPC-100 link has been examined in Nemko Comlab AS (Norway) as Notified Body 0436 under Directive 1999/5/EC (the R&TTE Directive). According to issued certificate the essential requirements of Directive 1999/5/EC defined in articles 3.1 (a) [Safety), 3.1 (b [EMC)) and 3.2 [spectrum use) was met in full. 

See our CE Mark certificate: CE Mark Certificate for PPC-100 fulll duplex 100Mbps link (in PDF, 240K)

About Elva-1  Millimeter Wave Division

Founded in 1993, ELVA-1 Millimeter Wave Division is based in St.Petersburg, Russia. Since year 2000, ELVA-1 company aggressively expand its product range to mm-wave telecom products, such as 42GHz, 60GHz, 70/80 GHz and 94GHz transmitters and receivers, antennas with high gain factor and other advanced products. Applications for these products include mm-wave industrial measurement systems, 100Mbps Ethernet wireless LAN bridges, MVDS out-door units (transmitters and receivers), and LMDS communication systems, radar front-ends, microwave level sensors, millimeter wave security imaging systems and other innovative areas. Company product development roadmap includes next generation 1.25Gpbs Gigabit Ethernet radios for 70/80 GHz and 94GHz bands to be available since Q1/2005.

PPC-100 links in operation - photo from Riga TV tower PPC-100 links in operation - photo

In photos: PPC-100 links in operation