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ELVA-1 News Archive for 2000 - 2002


18 May 2003
New series of 37-170 GHz BWO Sweepers announced. The SGMW series sweeper is fully packaged device for 37-170 GHz (covered in 7 bands). More info...

19 May 2003
We updated our Product Catalog brochure. You are welcome to order your free ELVA-1 Product Catalog Q2/2003 brochure by sending your request to with your detailed postal address. Please mention if you need ELVA website copy on CD to be included to the parcel.

28 Apr. 2003
ELVA-1 Millimeter Wave Division and Ioffe Institute, Division of Solid State Physics (St.Petersburg, Russia) have reached a joint collaboration agreement to design and manufacture custom W-band and D-band EPR Spectrometers.
Please read Proposals on Custom-designed W-band and D-band CW and Pulsed EPR Spectrometers (PDF 180K)

7 Apr. 2003
Fastest ever 100Mbps Full Duplex LMDS Equipment Set available to order. More info...

2 Apr. 2003
DSNA-xx series Scalar Network Analyzer Add-in Kit for G4-143x Generator available. More info...

10 March 2003
Millimeter Wave Industrial Distance Sensor is displayed at our booth #B48 5 hall, in CeBIT computer show, Hannover at 12.03 - 19.03.2003.

4 March. 2003 New article: FMCW Distance Sensor Prototype Tested in the Real Field Conditions in Nickel Mine.
More info...

20 Feb. 2003 ELVA's Digital Driver Unit for Solid State Voltage Controlled Attenuator was Modified with Temperature Sensor. More info...

-------------------- 2003 --------------------------------------

24 Dec. 2002
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2003 to all our customers!
We will be back to business operation at Jan 8, 2003.

18-20 Dec. 2002
We had taking part at "The Last Mile 2002" Telecom Exhibition, Moscow ( to introduce our CCC-certified PPC-42/40 MVDS System to Russian ISPs and Telecom Operators.

29 Nov. 2002
Our PPC-42/40 MVDS System for MVDS broadcasting at 42GHz band finally got a CCC Certificate. The CCC, a certification body of Russian Ministry of Telecommunication, issued a permissive cert for ELVA for manufacturing PPC-42/40 MVDS in production-mass numbers for local market. More info...

21 Oct. 2002
Want to test 42GHz MVDS technology in your area? ELVA offers you a promo-discounted City1 TV TestKit! More info...

30 Sept. 2002
We announced 'Focus of the Month' section at company website homepage. This section is devoted to featured products, we want catch up much of visitors attention to. October Focus: Cassegrain Antennas 26.5-140GHz

23-27 Sept. 2002
We had taking part at European Microwave Week, Milan, Italy (

19 Sep 2002.
We announced two new products for measurement and instrumentation: Ku-band Digitally Controlled MER-VCO series Synthesizer and Digital Driver Unit with Linearization for Solid State Voltage Controlled Attenuators VCVA series.

21 Aug 2002.
As our telecom products development continued, in August 2002 we have tested a new 45Mbps wireless Internet broadcasting system, operating on 42GHz. More info...

2 Aug 2002.
ELVA announced new PPC 1E1/2048 Digital Radio Link, operating at frequency band of 42 GHz. This station delivers E1 connectivity on distances up to 20 km. For US/Canada market ELVA also offers a similar PPC model of T1 (1.544 Mbps) radio. More info...

26 June 2002.
We announced availability of PPC-10/100 Telecom Product Family. See specs here.

2-7 June 2002  

We had taking part at International Microwave Simposium, Seattle, USA.

27 May 2002.
Our 100Mbps PPC-100VXX LAN-to-LAN Wireless Bridge for 60GHz band was announced in April, 2002 issue of Microwave Engineering magazine ( For more specs on PPC10/100 product family see our new telecom brochure (PDF, 810K).

26 April 2002.
42GHz Linear Transmitter for Multicarrier DVB-S Broadcasting
More info...

22 April 2002.
New product for mm-wave instrumentation: PLL System for G4-143x Oscillator series. More info...

25 March 2002.
New product at Telecom section: Low-cost Microwave Transmitter/Receiver Stations for Ground-based Video Distribution System. More info...

11 March 2002. We shipped new custom-designed equipment: 52 - 85GHz Heterodyne Sweeping ECE Radiometer for Plasma Diagnostics. More info...

28 February 2002. New Product: DPM-xx Power Meter series.
More info...

21 January 2002. ELVA-1 Millimeter Wave Division successfully redesigned one of company's key products - PPC-10/37000 Wireless LAN Bridge. The data speed of the wireless link was radically increased from 10Mbps to 100Mbps...
More info...

-------------------- 2002 --------------------------------------

26 December 2001. We have started mounthly newsletter subscription.
You can join to maillist at the bottom of this page.
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20 November 2001. 94GHz 200mW FMCW radar front-end has left the developmental stage. Now, we ship FMCW radar front-end as production-run product. For more information on this unit pls visit

24-28 Sept 2001  

We had taking part at European Microwave Week, London,
UK ( Booth #20.

28 June 2001. Client-side PPC-10/37000 digital radio base station for Wireless LAN Bridge and LMDS Solution has got a new design. It became much more compact and lightweight. The redesigned base station passed all manufacturing stages and now is available at our product range.


22 June 2001. Our new CIDO units announced in Microwave Journal, June 2001.
More info...

8 June 2001. An unique BWO Generator has been shipped to Electronics & Electrical Engineering Laboratory of NIST (NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF STANDARDS & TECHNOLOGY, USA,
More info…

May 2001. Our CIDO wave oscillators announced in "Applied Microwave & Wireless" Journal, May 2001.
More info...

20-25 May 2001  
We had taking part at IEEE MTT-S International Microwave Symposium/Exhibition
Phoenix Civic Plaza, Phoenix, AZ. Booth #2808.
For more details of the exhibition visit the site

16 May 2001. This site has finally got a new art design and in-depth content update, which is dated for IEEE MTT-S International Microwave Symposium/Exhibition - 2001.

9 May 2001
Power Supply for BWO tube has been shipped to Space Research Organization Netherlands, This PS will be used in HIFI Science Instruments for Herschel equipment development.
More info…

4 Apr 2001. The unique Heterodyne Sweeping ECE Radiometer 52-85Ghz has been ordered by the University of San Paulo, Brazil. This is the second order for custom-designed equipment from the Brazilian customer, next to Multi-channel Interferometer for TCABR Tokamak shipped in 1998.

19 Feb 2001. Today the FMCW radar front-end was officially added to our product range. It's based on IMPATT Active Frequency Multiplier that is driven by a microwave source to provide outputs in the frequency range of 20 to 150 GHz. Because of features of IMPATT Active Frequency Multiplier the linearizer of our FMCW radar front-end was implemented as an open-loop system. This allows ensuring high output power with very low noise figure while keep extremely good radar signal linearity.

2-6 October 2000. 2-6 October 2000. We had taking part at European Microwave Week 2000,Paris, France. Booth #88. More Info...

21 August 2000. 120-180GHz Sweeping Radiometer has been planted onto the ground of Southwestern Institute of Physics, Chengdu, China and has already yielded its first fruits! More Info...

3 July 2000. New high-voltage PS for Backward Wave Oscillator Tubes has been shipped to Helsinki University of technology (FIN). More Info...